The Company

Formed in 2001 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, GWI operates on a business model of a small dedicated staff supplemented by consultants. Most of our consultants have been associated with the firm since its inception. By operating in this manner, GWI controls costs and reaches out to assemble the best possible team for every engagement.


The Quarry House Group

Since 2007, GWI is part of the Quarry House Group, LLC, an investment advisory and private equity firm specialized in strategic business planning and project evaluation.



Mr. Jean-Marie Lalanne is the President and Managing Director of GWI.
With over 25 years of experience in program management (System Integration and Telecommunications), Jean-Marie has specialized in identifying new or underserved market opportunities, in devising superior business positioning and creating winning business strategies for telecommunications service providers. In North America, Jean-Marie has been focusing on feasibility study and business planning for broadband access operators based on alternative technologies (Fiber loops, Wi-Fi mesh networks, WiMAX). Prior to joining GWI, Jean-Marie served in various senior executive positions both on the consulting side (KPMG Consulting / BearingPoint) and in the Industry (C3D Communications, Bull Information Systems).

The Team of Associates

Anthony Chadney
Anthony Chadney has over 20 years experience in wireless network engineering, from technology assessment and development, to planning, deployment and operation of a wide range of technologies, including CDMA EV-DO, GSM and UMTS. Over recent years, this has included performance assessment and characterization of EV-DO for a major U.S. carrier, and the technical aspects of “due diligence” and business plan preparation for license and acquisition opportunities. These have included The Netherlands, Indonesia, Morocco and Nigeria for a number of International carriers. Previously, Anthony has held positions with British Telecom, AirTouch and Verizon Wireless.

Richard Kahn
With over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing growth plans for telecommunications carriers, Rick has specialized in the last ten years in providing strategic, technical and operational planning to wireless service providers. Rick has worked extensively in both the terrestrial-based and satellite-based wireless segments, including both voice and broadband service networks. He has worked with carriers to plan responses to new opportunities and new challenges created by evolving markets, emerging competitors, advances in technology, and changing regulation. Rick has developed business plans that quantify the opportunity and identify specific action plans for effective and economic market entry and has supported planning and implementation of Business and Operations Support Systems across the full range of telecom business functions.

Richard A. (Rick) Reeder
Rick has over 20 years business and systems experience, with a focus on telecommunications networks, services, systems and processes solutions. Rick is familiar with all telecom business functions and systems as well as most wireline and wireless operators in North America and many in other parts of the globe. Most recently, Rick has worked with several major wireless operators, startups and suppliers in a variety of areas such as Wi-Fi and data network operations, call center networking, new product development and new technology assessment. Prior to that, Rick was a Senior Manager in the telecommunications and wireless practice at BearingPoint, Inc.  Previously, Rick was a Director in Technical Services (Engineering) at AirTouch International (now part of Vodafone). Rick earned his BA and MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Olivier Lambron
With over 15 years of experience working for telecommunications carriers in Western Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, Olivier has specialized in the last five years in providing commercial and operational planning services to fixed-wireless and mobile service providers in emerging countries. Olivier has recently worked on a revenue assurance engagement, looking in particular at the impact of VoIP on call termination revenues. He also conducted an operational audit of WLL CDMA network operator, and contributed to the commercial aspects of an M&A due diligence for an incumbent GSM and fixed line operator in Africa.

Olivier Mirwasser
Olivier is an expert in regulation economics, with a focus on telecommunications interconnection regulation. Olivier crafted the first interconnection agreement of CAT (ORASCOM fixed wireless operations in Algeria) with Algeria Telecom. Previously, Olivier was the head of the Access and Interconnection Office at the ART, “Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications”, the French Telecom Regulator, where he was responsible for all negotiations and conflict arbitrations related to network interconnection involving French carriers. In a previous position at the ART, Olivier was in charge of the technical aspects of regulation in the discussions of the European regulatory directives.

GWI has also created a pool of pre-qualified experts and specialists from which ad-hoc resources are drawn on short notice. For more information, please contact us.

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